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Best of Beach Wedding Decor Ideas for 2020
One of the most cherished days of your life deserves one of the finest settings! What better than the boundless beauty of a beach? There is something so special and so surreal about getting marrie...
April 6, 2020
10 Minimalist Wedding Décor Ideas for Couples who want to keep it Simple
Weddings don’t always have to be extravagant and opulent. Sometimes the most beautiful weddings are the ones that are kept basic and understated, because they are worked upon personally. Especiall...
Feb. 7, 2020
7 Ways to Include Harry Potter in your Wedding
I have spent a better part of my adulthood obsessing over the Harry Potter books and movies. Yes, adulthood. Millions of Potterheads and I owe it to Joanne Kathleen Rowling for taking us on this w...
Feb. 4, 2020
5 Decor Ideas for Hosting Your Pre-Wedding Celebration at Home
In olden times, all wedding ceremonies used to take place at home. Having these celebrations organised at venues is a more modern option. Coming full circle, people are slowly going back to the t...
Jan. 21, 2020
8 Backyard Wedding Ideas that Will Cast a Spell on your Guests
Don’t discard the backyard wedding idea just yet. There are some wonderful things you can do to make your wedding look dreamy. Sometimes it’s about going back to your childhood home that has a mas...
Dec. 31, 2019
Weddings don’t always have to be extravagant and opulent. Sometimes the most beautiful weddings are the ones that are kept basic and understated because they are worked upon personally. Especially...
Dec. 27, 2019
10 Genda Phool Wedding Decor Ideas to Inspire you!
If someone were to ask you “What’s the most common or popular flower used in an Indian wedding?”, genda phool or marigold is instantly pop in your head, right? What may come as a major surprise is ...
Dec. 4, 2019
10 Times Colourful Wedding Decor Wowed us!
There is no denying that add a pop of colour can basically brighten up anything. Same goes for weddings. No doubt, a wedding is a joyous occasion but by adding some colours in the wedding decor, it...
Nov. 30, 2019
This Christian Wedding had Understated yet Ethereal Decor
Over the past few years, the decor at Indian weddings has come a loooong way. Gone are the days when wedding venues reeked of genda phool aroma from miles away and bright lights snatched away the b...
Nov. 30, 2019
5 Tips to make your Wedding Decor look Lavish Without Spending Too Much
Who doesn’t go starry-eyed about extravagant weddings? Who doesn’t go all weak in the knees seeing gorgeous decor that looks straight out of a fairytale? We’ve all been there, ladies, trust me, we ...
Nov. 14, 2019
Sepia Events: For Dreamy and Larger-than-life Wedding Decor
Right from beautifully crafted signages at the entrance, to the little cute centrepieces sitting atop the tables, and from large drapes enveloping the mandap to the stunning ceiling decor, every el...
Nov. 4, 2019
10 Decor Ideas for a Perfect Wedding Function at Home
When it comes to choosing a venue for wedding festivities, Indian brides generally tend to prefer to celebrate the smaller, more intimate ceremonies at their family homes, if not all. The main reas...
Oct. 21, 2019

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