Trendy Mini Kaleeras Are the Talk of the Town!

Trendy Mini Kaleeras Are the Talk of the Town!

Kaleeras is an important and undeniable part of your bridal jewellery, especially if you’re a North Indian bride. If you are even a percent like me and will end up hitting someone in the eye with the long kaleeras, it’s best to stick to the mini or ‘fun size’ kaleeras. Luckily for you, they are very much in trend. And honestly, I have always liked minimalistic kaleeras more than the chunky, traditional ones. Maybe you’ll like them too once you take a look at them-


1. Oh my! How cute is this baby kaleera?


Image source: Little Collins Productions 


2. Prune’s classic kaleere in fun-size


Image source: Ombre by Harsheen Jammu

Kaleere: Prune India 


3. My heart can’t take this. HqilalndsoCUTE!  

Jewellery: Minerali Store


4. Short and simple. Also lovely!


Image source: Design Aqua Studio


5. Jazz ’em up with flowers for added fun!


Image source: Pinterest


Aren’t they adorable?




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