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5 Fun Drinking Games for the Bachelorette Party!

5 Fun Drinking Games for the Bachelorette Party!

Just like wedding festivities are incomplete without a bachelorette party, bachelorette party is incomplete without crates of alcohol. Bridesmaids, while you go crazy and plan a full fledged party for your bride, don’t forget to tick off some basics from the list- like a naughty cake, some naughty games and some drinking games. We’ve spent our entire college life playing beer pong but ladies, we are classier than that! Get the wheels of your mind running and make a list of drinking games that will make everyone tipsy. If the girls are not sloshed, you’ve not achieved your goal! Here is a list of 5 drinking games that will help you to achieve this goal-


1. Drink If


Drink If is very similar to Never Have I Ever. The only difference is that each player gets to say a sentence- for i.e, “Drink if you’ve peed in a swimming pool” and anyone who has peed, will take a sip. Try to make this one a little naughty!


2. Lick and Stick



Once at a bachelorette party I misheard the name of this game and thought it was “Lick a Dick”. I anticipated a candy or a cucumber but fortunately it was something else entirely! So you’ll need a deck of cards for this game and only two players can play at one time. Make them sit opposite to each other and ask them to lick a side of the card (not the one with numbers) and stick it to their forehead. The girl sitting opposite has to see the card and guess if her’s is of higher or lower value. She has to take a sip of her guess is inaccurate!


3. Banned Words



This is a common drinking game but only better. Ban wedding related words like lehenga, baraat, makeup, etc. Every time someone says the banned word, everyone takes a sip. The person who uttered the word will take two!


4. Name the Drink



You’ll need some preparation for this game. Keep some cocktails ready and blindfold the bridesmaids. Ask them to take a sip of each and to name the drink. Make it tougher by asking them to name each ingredient used in the drink. They have to keep taking a sip till they get it right!


5. Bobbing Bananas



Bobbing Bananas is quite like the traditional Halloween game Bobbing Apples. Take a big bucket and fill it with beer. Peel the bananas (don’t slice them) and put them in the bucket. Each girl has to pick the bananas with the help of her mouth and not her hands. She literally has to bend over the bucket and bob the bananas!


Up the ante with these super fun drinking games!

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