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8 Tips To Keep In Mind Before Your Hair And Makeup Trials

8 Tips To Keep In Mind Before Your Hair And Makeup Trials


8 Tips To Keep In Mind Before Your Hair And Makeup Trials

You’ve dreamt of your wedding since you’ve been that girl toying with your mother’s makeup. You’ve probably made a mental Pinterest board with all the makeup looks on your big day. You know you want a look that is just perfect without going over the top. What’s more important is that your makeup has to complement your ensemble that you’ve spent months putting together.


Your outfit, hair, makeup and husband have no choice but to stand out on that day, which is why a Makeup trial, just like a bridal outfit trial is a must! Hair and Makeup trials are now a top priority on any bride’s to-do list. Here are a few tips for your makeup trials to ensure you have a seamless, care-free and memorable wedding day (Without stressing about the way your pictures are going to turn out).


1)Keep References Handy And Look At The MUA’s Portfolio In Advance

Image Source: Swati Verma

Keep your reference pictures, Pinterest boards, Instagram model accounts handy so that you don’t spend too much time explaining your dream look. Your idea of the look and your MUA’s skills need to match and get on the same page. Make sure you take a look at the MUA’s portfolio in advance to understand her specialities.


2) Try At least Two Looks During Your Trial

Image Source: Swati Verma

Do not hesitate to try out a second look even if you’re happy with the first one (Trust me, it counts). When it comes to your hair, look at both an updo and your hair over your shoulders.

But remember to stick to something you are comfortable with. You don’t need a single hair strand ruining your day!


3) Make Sure The Products Match Your Skin Tone

Image Source: Rimmel

Be it your foundation, concealer or blush it is advisable to carry them with you for trials. You know your skin type better than anyone.


If you have a shade of lipstick that you like, take it along. It could possibly bring the whole look together for you.


4) Bring Any Accessories You Plan To Wear


Image Source: Imtalat53

Carry your jewellery and hair accessories. The MUA and your hairstylist will have a complete understanding of your look and it will help them manage their time better.


5) Wear The Look, Even After The Trial


Image Source: Studio Elan

Try scheduling your makeup trial before the outfit trial. This could help determine lipstick longevity, oily skin traces, patchiness etc. after a few hours and you could make a note.

 Always report back to the artist after you’ve come to your conclusions.


6) Try Not To Bring Your Mother Or Any Friends— They Could Impact Your Decision

Image Source: Studio Elan

It may seem like a good idea at the time, but it may cause a ton of confusion because preferences are always subjective. Trust me, you don’t want to end up looking like your mother or your sister on that day!

 You’ve got to stick to a look that defines you. Remember, it’s your day.


7) Talk About Pre-bridal Treatments

Image Source: Glowaestheticsuk

There are a plethora of pre-bridal treatments that promise you glowing skin and bouncy hair on your wedding day. Ask your MUA and hair stylists about these treatments if they understand your skin well, during your trials.


8) The More Pictures You Take, The Better You’ll Understand Your Look

Image Source: Thedarkroomindia

After the trial take pictures indoors and outdoors. If you’ve planned on a destination wedding your makeup and hair should suit the ambience as well.


Makeup and hair trials are an important stage in your wedding prep. Look for MUAs and hair stylists who focus on weddings.


Go get pinning, screenshotting and swatching those looks now!


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